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Canadian Entrepreneurs

Below I've compiled a list of the most inspiring, young Canadian entrepreneurs that I've had the chance to interview:

Tom Zaragoza

Tom is a software developer at Tulip. He is the founder of Vocalmatic, an AI-powered automatic transcription software for converting audio to text.

Read this interview to learn more about Tom and Vocalmatic!

Andrew David Osborne

Andrew is the founder and president of Minifridge Media, a Toronto video production agency that wants to change corporate video's reputation.

Read this interview to learn more about Andrew and Minifridge Media!

Erica Pearson

Erica is the founder of Vacation Fund, a Toronto employer-matched travel savings program that wants to help companies invest in employee productivity, engagement, and retention by giving them the gift of travel.

Read this interview to learn more about Erica and Vacation Fund!

Tim Walcott

Tim is the founder of Motus Strength Health Club, a private fitness and registered massage therapy studio in Erin an hour west of Toronto.

Read this interview to learn more about Tim and Motus Strength Health Club!

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