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Episode 11: Looking for a business idea? Start with a problem

2019-08-29 | 15 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss why you should look for a business problem instead of a business idea.

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Welcome to another episode of the DEVpreneur. My name is Tom, and I've got with me...


C-Dog! Cheese! Charlie.


Today, or, this episode, we're gonna talk about why looking for an idea is the wrong way to go about doing it. So, instead of looking for an idea, what you need to focus on is finding a problem. And, of course, turning into a business a profitable problem. I think a reason why you should do that is, with ideas, it's easy to get your head in the clouds and think of anything - there are no constraints. The idea can be the most left field thing, right?


But if you were to think of a problem, it is very well defined.

Ya, I think the nice thing too is, not that it's necessarily easy to come up with a good idea - although after a while I don't think it's the hardest thing... But I think it's relatively easy to come up with a really cool idea that would be really cool to build, but you don't necessarily know that it's a problem that people would want to solve. Whereas when you start with the problem, you know it's a problem.


And if you ask someone in a certain context something like: "what is the biggest problem for growing your business?" If they care about growing their business, which is a relatively safe assumption, whatever they say, if they mean what they say, they're probably willing to pay something for a solution to that. It skips a step when you start with the problem. When you start with the idea you're hypothesizing that you are fixing a hypothetical problem.


Whereas when you just go directly to the problem and you back out a solution, you know what you're trying to fix, it makes it easier to think of the simplest way to fix it, and it takes you straight to where the money would be in terms of charging somebody.


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