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Episode 12: Why we want to be DEVpreneurs

2019-09-05 | 20 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss why being a DEVpreneur (i.e. software developer and entrepreneur) is appealing to them.

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Aaand we're back.

We. Are. Back.

So in this episode of the DEVpreneur we are going to be talking about why we both want to be DEVpreneurs (why we want to be both developers and entrepreneurs at the same time). As always, I'm here with Tom.


So Tom, when did you decide you wanted to be a DEVpreneur and why?

Oh my goodness... I remember in school I wanted to do the whole YC combinator dance.

Ya, I feel like I've had small flashes of that.

Ya. I wanted to do the YC dance, build a product, get VCs, whatever, right? Then I interned at a YC company - it was pretty cool.

You interned at a YC company?

I interned at one, ya. They were fresh out of a Series A. They got acquired recently, so that's pretty sweet.

What was the name of that one?

Canopy Labs.

Canopy Labs, OK.

You probably saw it on the news. There is a company called Drop that acquired them.

OK, I've heard of Drop.

Ya. They acquired them.

What did Canopy labs do?

They do customer analytics.


Anyway, cool guys, shout out to them. Then I got a job after dropping out... and I started realizing I could do all of these things. I could jump in different departments to learn from how they do it, but that I didn't have to do it at this big scale. Right?

That's right.

There's a day job, and there's nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, I also value literally just bumming around.

I think that's the key thing. I think the word I would use for that [is independence]... I'm just going to interject... As soon as you raise money, you lose independence. I feel like a lot of people go out and they start a company and they think it's going to be great and they are going to be their own boss. I think people are sometimes dishonest about that, but for me anyway, and for most people, I think that's one of the big pulls - you get to call the shots...

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