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Episode 13: Growing Vocalmatic to 10,000 organic visitors / month

2019-09-13 | 32 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss how Tom grew Vocalmatic, an automatic transcription SaaS business, to 10k organic visitors per month.

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Hey there! Welcome to our first video episode of the DEVpreneur. I'm here with Tom as always.

Are you here, or are you here with me digitally?

ACTUALLY ya I'm here with you digitally haha. This is the first time we haven't done it in person. Today Tom and I are going to talk about how Tom took his SaaS product Vocalmatic to 10,000 visitors a month, primarily from organic channels (which would be google). That's right, right?

Ya, mostly from the Googs...

With that I'm going to hand it over to Tom. Tom, how did you start building your organic traffic, and what do you do today that's different than when you started?

So when I started, I did what you do as a developer. I built the product out as fast as I could (evenings, weekends, whatever). Then I just put it out there.

Did you do any prep for organic traffic before that? Were you link building before that?..

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