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Episode 2: How we generate business ideas

2019-07-15 | 16 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss how they think of new business ideas / problems worth solving.

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Welcome to episode two of the DEVpreneur podcast. My name is Tom.

And I'm Charlie

And today we will be talking about how we come up with ideas. How do you come up with ideas Charlie?

Ya, so I think coming up with ideas can be tough. What has slowly started working better for me, although admittedly most of my ideas are still pretty bad, is I don't really sit and try to come up with them. I don't know if that's ever worked for anybody, but it doesn't work for me - although sometimes I'll sit with an idea that I like and try to improve it. But I have a list on my phone, I have an iPhone, so I use the notes app on my phone, and it's literally just a numbered list of ideas, potential features that the idea might have, target audiences, potential pricing, how I could launch it and try to grow it. It's honestly not very organized.


But I guess I just try to capture them so I can get them out of my brain and go back to what I'm working on. It also gives me reassurance that it will be there for later.

So before it gets into the notes then, what's your mindset when you think of something? For me, I try to be be hyper-critical of everything that's happening around me.


Not hyper, but like "that door could open better, how could I make that door open better."

Ya. I think that's cool. I'm just really lazy about it. My ideas come to me, because I'm so lazy about it, when I'm doing something and I'm like "oh my god this sucks."


And I'm like wait a second, there is a better way, and then I'll write down the better way...

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