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Episode 20: Weekly Standup: Google Auth for Growth

2019-11-25 | 23 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss what software, products, ideas, and interests they spent time on this week as DEVpreneurs

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Welcome back to another episode of the DEVpreneur!

It sounds so good!

Hahaha that's right. In these episodes we are going to be talking about what we have been working on over the last week. Tom, who is joining me, as always, will be talking about Vocalmatic as well as some other projects he's working on. I will be talking about Clientelify and other stuff I'm working on as well. So why don't we get into it!

To start, this week, I spent a lot of time building out the user interface for Clientelify. A couple weeks ago I finished the actual engine that fires off text and email messages as well as appointment invites (that integrate with Gmail calendar and whatever). I built the user interface screens so users can actually interact with them. I ran into some interesting stuff with that, like some N+1 queries in my views that I just fixed (because I was calling count instead of length, which is kind of funny)...

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Material mentioned in podcast:

Tom Zaragoza's website
Tom's voice to text application
Charlie Reese's website
Charlie's scheduling / appointment reminder application

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