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Episode 22: Weekly Standup: New Customers and Features

2019-12-13 | 27 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss what software, products, ideas, and interests they spent time on this week as DEVpreneurs. Topics this week include Charlie's first users for Clientelify and Tom's new product (under development) Vocalmatic Teams.

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I think we need a more hype opening... that's what I think.

OK, I'll come up with something...

Although I feel like our opening right now accurately captures what it's like to be working on a SaaS project... keyboard strokes and house music. So you know what, maybe we got it right.

Hahaha. So what's up?

Another week of working on Clientelify for me...

Episode continues... listen above or watch below to hear more!

Material mentioned in podcast:

Tom Zaragoza's website
Tom's voice to text application
Charlie Reese's website
Charlie's scheduling / appointment reminder application

YouTube video: