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Episode 4: DEVpreneurs we look up to

2019-07-22 | 18 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss DEVpreneurs they look up to, like David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) and Patrick McKenzie (patio11).

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Episode four of the DEVpreneur podcast.

The DEVpreneur!

The entrepreneur of the devs. Hahaha


We'll be talking about people that we look up to. And I think I want to give the floor to Charlie to start off.

That's right, I have very little to be proud of on my own.

Oh come on. No, no.

Hahaha. In all seriousness, I think three names come to mind for me. So the first one I think I would mention would be DHH - the creator of Ruby on Rails. I think he is super interesting for several reasons. Obviously, he created Ruby on Rails, which I think was probably the most innovative rapid prototyping back end framework ever created, in my opinion - in terms of the features you got out of the box and how quickly you could produce products with it. It wasn't perfect at first, and so many people have contributed to it over the years to add new features, but I find him really inspiring for that reason. The other reason I find him cool is he's not just a tech guy - he's helped, with his co-founders, build a business that is doing very well, called Basecamp. As well as a couple other businesses to be honest. They have a couple things going on in their portfolio. So I look up to him because he created a really cool piece of software that's good for rapid prototyping, which obviously, is super useful if you're building your own products. He also seems to have this really good balance between being able to create a profitable business, being able to learn about and help others with rapid innovation and product creation, as well as having a good balance with his personal life. I don't think he works more than 40 hours per week. I think he's also a semi-pro race car driver, which is kinda crazy.

I think I've seen something like that, ya.

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