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Episode 6: Talk to your customers first

2019-07-29 | 11 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss why you should talk to your customers before you start building your product.

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Welcome to another episode of the DEVpreneur podcast. I'm Tom.

And I'm Charlie.

... We've got to get an intro down.

Hahaha ya, we need something...

Anyway, in this episode, we are going to talk about why you should talk to customers before building your next product.


Do you want to jump in, or can I jump in? I have something to say about this.

Ya jump in!

OK, so the reason why you should talk to customers is you need to know what you are solving for them. As developers, it's easy to just jump in and start coding, whip your text editor out, set your font/ typeface... you know what I mean? You can get caught up and waste a lot of time before actually solving a problem for somebody.

I think to expand on that, as someone who didn't really start programming until their early / mid 20s, I can attest to the fact that I had no idea what backend frameworks people were using... I did not know the difference between jQuery, React and vanilla javascript... I could care less at the time what tools were being used and how they worked... I didn't know different languages were used for iOS and Android... I didn't have any sense of any DevOps [infrastructure] required to run an app... I just cared if it solved my problem. I think [as a developer] it's really easy to think of ideas in the sense of "oh, this is possible to build, wouldn't it be cool if somebody built that" and not in the sense of "does somebody actually want this?"


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