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Episode 7: How to validate your startup idea

2019-08-01 | 20 minutes | DEVpreneur podcast

Charlie and Tom discuss how to quickly validate your startup idea before talking to potential customers.

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Welcome back to the DEVpreneur! Can you guess where we're based out of?

I think it starts with T and ends with oronto?

Toronto Canada. Still based out of Toronto. I say that every time, I don't know why.

You know what's cool?


In the future it might be like "I'm in Montreal" and you might be like "I am in, I don't know, some random city."

That's right, it might not be Toronto! Who knows. Space. Could be space.


This is Charlie from the moon, signing off.

Hahaha what internet provider are you with?

... Beanfield. They are doing some amazing things... Anyway, in this episode we are going to talk about how to validate your startup idea. We are going to look at how to do this without talking to anybody. What we want to say first and foremost, is, talk to people.


Hahaha. But, if you wanted to sense check what things, or solutions, people say they want, these are ways you can sense check a product idea without talking to someone. So, presuming you already have talked to people, these are ways you can sense check your startup idea - to validate if it's a good idea or not. So I think the first one would have to be Google Adwords traffic, or any tool that lets you see how frequently people search for certain phrases or words.


So, especially, if it is an app / web app, or any online business, if it's a real [in demand] solution, some people are probably Googling for it. I think this is especially true in B2C, but I think it is true in general. If it's a real [in demand] solution, people are Googling for it. So if you're trying to sell blueberry muffins, and there is no search traffic for blueberry muffins, it could be an indicator that people are not interested in them...

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