Hey! I'm Charlie - from Vancouver, Canada. Nice to virtually meet you!

Several years ago I quit investment banking to write code and build (financial) software products.

Presently, I spend my time creating ML / quantitative investing software, skiing / biking in the mountains, and hanging out with my girlfriend and dog.

Things I've Done

Things I Wrote

Things I'm Making

  • landing_boi. Rails engine for configurable micro-SaaS landing pages.

Things I Made

  • Clientelify. Web app to schedule text message reminders to reduce no-shows. No longer actively developed.
  • terra_boi. Ruby / Rails gem for AWS infrastructure provisioning and deployment.
  • The DEVpreneur Podcast. A podcast for technical entrepreneurs.

Platforms I Use

  • Twitter. Where I sporadically share short-form thoughts and pursuits.
  • My Blog. Where I share long-form thoughts and pursuits.
  • GitHub. Where I deposit spaghetti-code.
  • LinkedIn. Where I humble-brag about professional milestones.
  • My Newsletter. Where I share articles, podcast episodes, and project updates.
  • Strava. Where I share road and mountain bike rides.

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