Journey For Jonny Donations

From August 7 to 28, I biked 4447km from Toronto to Vancouver to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Jonny Kellock Foundation. The journey was in memory of all Canadian cancer victims, like my dear friend Jonny Kellock.

If you, or someone you love, has been affected by cancer, please consider donating at the links (i.e. buttons) below.

Option A

Canadian Cancer Society
Choose option A if you:
  1. Need a tax receipt
  2. Want to fund cancer research and treatment

Option B

Jonny Kellock Foundation
Choose option B if you:
  1. Do not need a tax receipt; foundation is currently in the process of being granted charitable status
  2. Want to support Jonny's foundation and the ski racing / coaching community

For more information on the ride, read: Journey For Jonny: Biking 4447km Trans-Canada For Cancer.